Low Carb Pizza

It’s true. Since the “Repeat Offender” post I reduced the weight of the base to 400g. For this diameter and style of pizza ( Deep Pan Pesda) this seems to be the optimum weight. Same dough, same method as before (about 15 mins high in the oven about 5+ on quarry tile hearth on bottom […]

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Repeat Offender

Of course baking is all about theft, some forms of which are more acceptable that others. At one end of the spectrum it’s nice to be able to say “We all learn from each other” and to acknowledge where ideas come from. To adopt this line you also have to contribute something from time to […]

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Buns 2 [(Scraps 3) Pizza 7]

Same pizza dough, 24 hrs in the fridge. Tipped the dough onto well floured surface carefully keeping rectangular shape. Cut off half and divided half in two to form two pizzas. Floured the other half, carefully divided into eight with floured scraper (no weighing, no shaping). Baked immediately in hot oven about 12/13 minutes: Not […]

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Ciabatta 1 [(Scraps2) Pizza 6]

Same pizza dough as in Scraps below. 48hrs in fridge. Sunday a.m., woken by Christians ringing church bells at 7.45 a.m. (*!+@!!”#$%^&*!!!). Turned on oven, tipped dough onto flour surface, cut into four, roughly shaped, stretched, put on baking paper. When oven up to heat, dimpled, baked 20 mins = ciabatta (or are they jamless […]

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Scraps (Pizza No 5)

I’ve settled down to a formula of Flour 100%, Water 78.2%, Starter 25%. Salt 1.5%. So 700g dough = Flour 342g, Water 268g, Starter 86g, Salt 5g. Few short kneads, into oiled box for 2-3 hours with the odd hourly stretch. Then into fridge for at least 24 hours. In the domestic fridge was arfachickenbreast, […]

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Ist Bread

We’ve been staying in this particular studio in Arcachon since 2005. That includes one three month stint, one two month, and this is the second one month, so it doesn’t exactly take a long time to settle in. The studio is what was once a servant’s quarters in the grounds of a very grand house […]

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For the Doctor (Pizza 5)

drfugawe With the last of the pizza dough, another skinny pizza to eat in the kitchen while the main course is being prepared: Not only was the dough in the fridge, there was left-over tomato sauce. No mozzarella, a scrap of cheddar, and some basil from the windowsill.

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Meanwhile (Pizza 4) …

The beauty of sourdough is that life continues while your dough is fermenting in the fridge. Coming out of the fridge was the remains of pizza dough. While Sue’s shoulder of lamb is in one oven, a very thin pizza is about to go in the other oven to nibble while the lamb cooks: Pizza […]

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Pizza (3) = Focaccia

Made my pizza dough – the same Cheese Board conversion – on Wednesday, put it in the fridge to bake some time Thursday or Friday. Thursday got taken out to lunch by Sue. Friday was given fresh, free-range duck eggs – made huevos rancheros instead. Saturday morning while herself is in the bath, turned on […]

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Pizza (2)

Second attempt. Same dough as Pizza (1) but after a few hours fermentation, scaled at 150g, shaped into balls, placed in oiled box and into the fridge overnight. After a pretty neat seafood risotto made two pizzas – toppings from Cheese Board again: Aubergine & Red Pepper; Corn, Onion & Courgette with Coriander & Lime […]

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