Mixed Feelings

Fixed bowl, no wheels, 90 Kilos – I’m too old to be dragging this thing around. But yesterday I hauled it out of it’s lair under the counter on two bits of cardboard and spent an hour and a half cleaning it. It’s going to a new home with Sarah Thornber at Corner Cottage Bakery […]

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Lawn Mower Ring

This is our garden, about 30×70 feet. I wouldn’t say it was overgrown, but occasionally we come across a Japanese soldier wanting to surrender. Yesterday Sue decided she was going to cut the grass. It is exactly a week till our 42nd wedding aniversary. Whir, whir, whir. Silence. Sue comes in and says she’s lost […]

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Scraps #1

Some of the tastiest lunches (that’s what we do) come from leftover ingredients – it’s a universal truth. A shoulder of lamb is going to provide the two of us with at least three meals, this one usually coming third after the Shepherds Pie. This is a great little book bought remaindered for pennies about […]

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Can’t be Beet

Oh yes it can! Last Halloween it was Transylvanian Vladbread but as we move into Spring we shift back to the more gentle Beetbrot. If you read the previous two Posts you will know (1) I’m sort of retiring but (2) Carrie, our resident ewes’ cheese maker, has been slipping me dairy products to use […]

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Sonderjydske Rye

I love wholemeal rye but I don’t often bake it and I neglect my starter and it develops moulds that have to be scraped off and I have to put the starter through an intensive feeding regime and store it in the fridge until it’s cured. Then it pops out refreshed as though nothing had […]

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Bara Surgeirch

To prevent the retiring baker’s hands becoming idle, a contactless delivery occurs. Two mysterious white-filled glass jars on the porch shelf and a masked Carrie standing well back as instructed by the fading sign on the front door. Carrie Rimes is the star of Bethesda’s burgeoning artisan food scene. Well actually there is no artisan […]

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Becoming a Home Baker

Maybe I should have said “Becoming a Home Baker Again”. My last gig with Cadwyn Ogwen (local community food hub) was not working out for me. I haven’t baked for sale since Christmas, had my 74th birthday in February, membership of Bread Bakers Guild of America expired yesterday, my Public Liability Insurance runs out next […]

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On the Seventh Day

Yes, another episode in the 80% hydration story. Click on the link if you want to catch up. Basically it’s a simple wet dough that I make most weeks. It goes straight in the fridge for at least two days after which I start using it for pizza and focaccia, and then for rustic buns, […]

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Moules Poulette/Frites

Happened upon some Conwy mussels today, in fact they were delivered to the front door by Llandudno’s Mermaid along with a bunch of other seafood goodies. One of the many things we have learned during lock-down is the Mermaid does free deliveries to Bethesda for orders of over £20.00 and, given the price of cod, […]

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