Vacancies 2018

End of our first week back in France. Sorry you can’t be with us but, for your entertainment I’ve put up a pdf of last year’s highlights. Go to arcabake17 on the menu and see what bakers get up to on their hols.

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Recent Breads

In just the last couple of weeks I’ve put up another seven bread formulas on the partisanbaker site: Pain Niçoise Mediaeval Barley Bread Cistercian Black Olive Bread Black Bean Bread with Herbs and Jalapeños Jamaican Easter Buns Nina’s Bread with Dark Beer Check them out. Make a contribution: Every little donation helps the site […]

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Free From – Vegans

Couple of weeks back in the Guardian, Meera Sodha, presented a vegan recipe for Jamaican Easter Buns containing highly unnatural ingredients like almond milk and sunflower spread (see here). People of a nervous disposition might also be disconcerted to be faced with commercial yeast hidden in the ingredient list. Still, nothing is beyond redemption: a […]

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Not very exciting looking stuff, is it? However, it’s one of those iconic items that spring to mind when the question of what defines Welsh food arises. It’s seaweed, Porphyra Umbilicalis, and maybe sounds a bit more upmarket if you call it by its Japanese name, Nori. Anyway, a guy called Matthew did a bread […]

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