Thanksgiving 2018

Last Thursday was Thanksgiving, of course, so I made my fabulous Thanksgiving Bread for my faithful American customers. But I didn’t get any. I also made Multigrain and didn’t get any of that either. Why? After 11 years of baking for sale  I thought I had worked through every mistake possible. Well, I found a […]

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Freo Plain + Autolyse/Malt

My friend Grace came all the way up from the South Coast of England to do a microbakery course with me a couple of years ago. Next thing I know she’s moved to Fremantle, Western Australia and is running a little home-based bakery, Cariad Bakery. I’m really interested in her experiences because she’s working in […]

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Red Herrings

Every year our friends Pam & Jeremy organise Gwyl Afon Ogwen River Festival – -a community arts festival. In the past I’ve organised a baking competition and put on bread baking demonstrations but nothing for a number of years. So I thought, you know, fishes, and then, how do you produce a large number […]

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Posted Today

80% Hydration – Much More Than Pizza – exciting things to do with a battered mixing bowl and a bent spatula! Hit the link or check the Menu under Pizza.

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Pretty as a Pizza

Don’t forget – pizza is bread. It might be bread with a topping but basically it’s a bread and can only be as good as its base. That’s why you have to be lucky to get a good pizza out, impossible in a supermarket. Wood-fired ovens are all very well but they can’t compensate for […]

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Naturally Gluten Free

My sister Anne is seriously allergic to gluten. Unlike the hordes of foodfadists who become Free From rational thought when they hear certain key words, Anne reacts very badly to ingesting gluten (even so-called gluten-free oats bring her out in a rash). When she comes to stay I try to make breads that don’t contain […]

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Hot Stuff

Yes, it’s that time of year again. 1 K of scotch bonnets only a fiver from Bangor Market because it was the end of the box. All you do is puree the chiles stalks and all with garlic sugar and salt, let it stand for two days to get it fermenting, put it in the […]

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