It do say “Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey” but in fact it’s the first edition of Bethesdabakers Red Wine Vinegar. Boy was it hard work to make. I had to put some good quality raw cider vinegar in the bottom of a large preserving jar and add odd bits of red wine till there was a […]

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Nothing went the way it was supposed to go with this pizza. Starting with the dough. I usually mix an 80% hydration dough which has its origins in the Cheese Board Collective book and it lives in the fridge for at least a couple of days before I start using it. Half way through mixing […]

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Sausage Boulangère

You can’t really be comfortable with a new oven if you’re still in awe of it, it has to become more matter of fact. Anyway, it bit me: so now I’m starting to treat the Pico as just another, though impressive, piece of kitchen equipment. It can’t just be exclusively a bread oven. But if […]

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Seem to have settled down to 250C top, 220C bottom for loaves in the Pico. Cleaned the oven window to appease the Pico gods after they bit my arm a few days back. Didn’t have any more aggravation from them with yesterday’s Butternut Squash. No sunflower seeds or chile flakes this time just a good […]

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Smoked Salmon Pizza

This new oven is really good for me – might have a nervous breakdown relearning everything but I ain’t going to get bored. Fortunately Sue rebounds pretty quickly when I get snappy when the baking isn’t going the right way for me. Nice simple pizza for recovery day after yesterday’s celebrations. Except I’m using a […]

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Barbue Valée d’Auge

Today is the first day of our 46th year of living together. So yesterday we had a bit of a bang-up lunch. Started with Loire Valley sparkle and José Pizarro’s Citrus Prawn Fritters click here. The fritters were so filling we couldn’t think of a main course for a long time (and another bottle of […]

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First Foc

Pear & Rosemary Focaccia – first bread not baked directly on the sole of the Pico. My usual 80% hydration dough ( about 72 hours old. 340g dough within a sandwich tin ring on a pizza tin. 330C top & bottom. Have to learn to be braver. Baking is about charred bits and uncharred bits […]

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Commander Cody

The phone call didn’t help. Just before I caught the London coach and just after Sue bought a chicken I called to say I’d become vegetarian. It was early days and the course of true love was lost in the rocks which is why she was in London and I was in Manchester. The chicken […]

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