Ten Years

Yes, yesterday marked Bethesdabakers’ tenth aniversary. I don’t know if that makes us the UK’s longest established home-based bakery but I bet it’s the longest that didn’t end in divorce. So I offered my hard-core customers the flatbread of their choice and suggested they might care to stop by for a small glass of wine. […]

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Brioche Time

About this time of year Brioche Provencale gets a light covering of (icing sugar) snow, is impaled by a tasteful sprig of plastic holly, and becomes Brioche de Noel. But here it is in it’s unadorned glory: Bread formula will be on the blog shortly.    

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Sue can’t cope with nuts (apart from me) these days. So I grabbed a handful of Thanksgiving dough from the mixer before the the pecans went in and did an ‘is’n’ers loaf – one end with nuts and one without. Have you ever noticed that every time I go to snap a fruit loaf someone […]

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Thanksgiving Bread 2017

Yes, Thursday is Thanksgiving for the US of A. And what sort of bread do we make at Thanksgiving? That’s right! Now you can make it yourself! I’ve just put up the formula for my classic Thanksgiving Bread under the Enriched/Festive Bread Menu of the website. Now freely available but I’m sure you’ll think it […]

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Trefriw Again

10 November,  Jay and Gill hosted a baking weekend for a small bunch of veterans of Bethesdabakin’. Gill dressed up as a milkmaid for the occasion; Jay was juggling bread customers with guest bakers: Jack and Ben made it look as if there was some baking going on. Rick was looking old, wise and biblical […]

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Butternut Squash

Yes, I know it’s been done before and I didn’t intend it to come out looking like a carved pumpkin, but it did and the photograph had to be taken. Bake it yourself. The formula is under the Bread Menu of the blog. And check out the other changes that are going on while you […]

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