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80% Hydration – Much More Than Pizza – exciting things to do with a battered mixing bowl and a bent spatula! Hit the link or check the Menu under Pizza.

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Pretty as a Pizza

Don’t forget – pizza is bread. It might be bread with a topping but basically it’s a bread and can only be as good as its base. That’s why you have to be lucky to get a good pizza out, impossible in a supermarket. Wood-fired ovens are all very well but they can’t compensate for […]

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Naturally Gluten Free

My sister Anne is seriously allergic to gluten. Unlike the hordes of foodfadists who become Free From rational thought when they hear certain key words, Anne reacts very badly to ingesting gluten (even so-called gluten-free oats bring her out in a rash). When she comes to stay I try to make breads that don’t contain […]

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Hot Stuff

Yes, it’s that time of year again. 1 K of scotch bonnets only a fiver from Bangor Market because it was the end of the box. All you do is puree the chiles stalks and all with garlic sugar and salt, let it stand for two days to get it fermenting, put it in the […]

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Experiments with Old Rosie

The first Old Rosie/Apricot Rye was slow rising and had a tight crumb even for a wholemeal rye. I wondered if the alcohol was inhibiting the yeast in the starter so I did a little experiment. On the left, the cider has had the alcohol boiled off. The dough on the right has straight cider. […]

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Advanced Course?

Lots of years ago I ran a bread course, in the privacy of his own home, for Mike, his partner and another couple. And he’s been baking sourdough ever since. He recently contacted me to ask for a course “that would take his baking further” and one that involved using different combinations of flours. After […]

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