New This Week 11-17 March

Bread formulas uploaded this week: Oat & Honey Med Bread Nina’s Swedish Spiced Laputabrot Fig & Walnut Wholemeal Nina’s Simple Danish Rye This site provides free information to bakers. Make a contribution to this service by clicking on this link:

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Seasonal Affected Starter?

A whimsical thought.  Are the little critters in your starter seasonally affected? I don’t mean, does the temperature affect them, because it obviously does. Raise the temperature your starter’s development speeds up, colder temperatures retard. Less than a fortnight ago we were hit by viciously cold weather, sub-zero temperatures made worse by snow and searingly […]

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BBGA Calendar 2018

Second year on the trot – not one but two photos in the Bread Bakers Guild of America calendar: The top one shows Nina’s Simple Danish Rye with the quarry and Glyder mountains in the background. The second one is the smaller photo under “Wednesday” – Klimentini’s family recipe for Christopsomo.

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“Artisan Bread”?

Look what just came through my letter box: Does that look like incitement to con and rip off the British public? It suggests that you too could market small loaves of fake bread for the best part of a fiver – no knowledge required. The Real Bread Campaign is celebrating it’s tenth anniversary this year […]

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Grill Pan II

Next in the grill pan- Burgers! 100% beef (well, a little salt & black pepper) Plus instant burger buns (dough in fridge 48 hours, roughly shaped and straight in the oven as soon as it reaches 250C). Not a meal for food-faddists.

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Roast cherry tomatoes in olive oil with garlic and chile flakes. Grill Pain de Campagne, rub both sides with a peeled clove of garlic and sprinkle with olive oil. Layer the tomatoes on the toast with goats cheese and rocket pouring any pan juices over the top. Sue’s favourite (minus the chile)

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