Bethesdabakin’ 2018

Nearly a month now since Rick and Maggie hosted this year’s Bethesdabakin’ at Mair’s Bake House. As ever they did a great job. Thank you my friends. Everyone attending was an old baking friend, the one newcomer being Tom Baker who has inherited Machynlleth market from Rick ( Particularly nice to see Terry (and his […]

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Tahini Butter Buns

One of the things that most distresses bakers is the sight of crap buns being used with burgers and roast meats even with quality gear at up-market food festivals. Here’s one of several solutions I have up my sleeve: Tahini Butter Buns devised by Dan Lepard from Tony Kitous’ Comptoire Libanais converted to natural leavening […]

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Us elderly people need to take precautions during this prolonged spell of hot weather. One thing we have to take care of is our liquid intake – how to maintain a gentle level of alcohol without becoming too arseholed to get the parasol up. The answer? Sangria – not the brandy laden rocket fuel of […]

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Felin Ganol

On the way down to Mair’s Bakehouse with Jay and Rob Butters for this year’s Bethesdabakin’ weekend, we called in at Felin Ganol to pick up flour. Felin Ganol is one of the few remaining water mills In Wales and is run by Anne & Andrew Parry. Even though the water was very low in […]

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Rick’s Last Bake (!)(?)

To begin at the finish: Rick prepares the order for his last bake in that fantastic Alan Scott oven. For ten years he and Maggie have been banging out fine breads and pasties at Mair’s Bakehouse and taking them to market. Either that or he’s doing his Arfer Brown imitation, “Fire!!!” …

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Bunz etc.

This is the etc. No need for Panibois – French herb boxes will do (Big G used to bake mini-focacce in Camembert boxes). This is just spare dough from the Salt & Pepper Crackers from a few posts back. Then it was Sue’s birthday when we were away. Lunchtime the day before I suddenly realised […]

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Snaps II

What was the weather like in France, Mick? Bit damp in parts although it didn’t seem to bother our neighbour, Alain, as the flood laps up to his garage door. The car is actually parked against the curb. We did wonder for a bit as the water crept up the terrace – the doorstep’s only […]

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Vacances 2018

End of our first week back in France. Sorry you can’t be with us but, for your entertainment I’ve put up a pdf of last year’s highlights. Go to arcabake17 on the menu and see what bakers get up to on their hols.

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