A Crown For Charlie Boy

You might have noticed we are having a coronation here in the UK in the morning. We don’t get any choice in the matter – we are not citizens here, we are subjects of the Crown. Anyway, I didn’t think the occasion worthy of a new creation, but here are a few items from the […]

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Whey Hey!

You’ll have seen a couple of weeks ago I did a wheat tortilla recipe based on whey – except I didn’t have any and used yoghurt instead to good effect. But I thought I should beg some from Carrie Rimes whose dairy is only 10 minutes walk away (Cosyn Cymru) and has the added cachet […]

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I’ve been a Facebook Friend of Luisa Jane Rusconi for several years and have found her a good source of ideas for theft. Not sure how she would describe herself but probably Swiss/Italian and as such has access to traditions and cultures beyond my own limited sphere. When I responded to a photo she posted […]

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Mongrel Bread

Yes, you guessed, it’s the famous and well paraded Oat and Honey. One of the sad things, when you no longer bake for sale, is the lack of variety. We used to bake at least seven breads every week with three (Special, Rye, Flat Bread) changing every bake. So there was always a big variety […]

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Best Ever Pizza?

Seem to be having a productive time just now. Nan-e Barbari, a neat Irish stew using up scrag end that had been lurking in the freezer since before Christmas, a new wheat tortilla recipe (yet to be revealed), today’s Jamaican Easter Buns, and now, what I think is my best ever pizza. I mean there’s […]

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JamBunz 2023

Jamaican Easter Buns – who needs crosses! Packed with spices of course. But the toffee-ish flavours come from Guinness, molasses, sugar and grated apple. Formula here This time I shaped and proved overnight in the fridge (about 10C), baked after an hour recovery time for 20 minutes – 250C top, 220 bottom in the Pico, […]

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Nan-e Barbari

This bread recipe comes from The Hot Bread Kitchen Cookbook by Jessamyn Waldman Rodriguez which I’ve had since it was published in 2015. The Hot Bread Kitchen is a New York bakery that trains immigrant women and, if they want to progress, helps them set up their own businesses. I am very fond of the […]

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Huevos Rancheros Pizza

Bought my first Mexican cookbook in 1984 in a shopping precinct in Shepherds Bush that don’t exist any more. Around then there were a few approximate Mexican restaurants and a couple of TexMex places in London one of which, off the top of Charing Cross Road, was called “Borderline” or “Break for the Border” – […]

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St Patrick 2023

First soda bread for years. Sort of followed Dan Lepard’s Waterford Soda Bread recipe from The Handmade Loaf with a few modifications. So it went: Wholemeal Wheat Flour 300gOats 50g (substituted for fine oatmeal)Butter 20gBaking Soda 1tspSalt ½tspSugar 1tspYoghurt 200g (substituted for buttermilk)Milk 200g I greased a shallow 8 inch cake tin with butter and […]

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