Chestnut/Quince Brioche III

Third attempt, first bake for customers – really pretty happy. This time cracked the decoration. Single slash down the middle when the dough went into the box. This opened up during the prove so a slice of membrillo could sit comfortably in the slot. Yes I’m pretty satisfied with that.

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Man’ousha. The things you can do with a jar of Carrie Rimes’ set ewes yoghurt. The other day it was Chestnut/Quince Brioche, today Man’ousha. I recently ran a sourdough course for Matt owner of Pobty Pizza who have been brightening up Bethesda’s summers with outdoor pizza nights. Part of the course covers pizza – bit […]

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Thanksgiving 2018

Last Thursday was Thanksgiving, of course, so I made my fabulous Thanksgiving Bread for my faithful American customers. But I didn’t get any. I also made Multigrain and didn’t get any of that either. Why? After 11 years of baking for sale  I thought I had worked through every mistake possible. Well, I found a […]

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Freo Plain + Autolyse/Malt

My friend Grace came all the way up from the South Coast of England to do a microbakery course with me a couple of years ago. Next thing I know she’s moved to Fremantle, Western Australia and is running a little home-based bakery, Cariad Bakery. I’m really interested in her experiences because she’s working in […]

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Red Herrings

Every year our friends Pam & Jeremy organise Gwyl Afon Ogwen River Festival – -a community arts festival. In the past I’ve organised a baking competition and put on bread baking demonstrations but nothing for a number of years. So I thought, you know, fishes, and then, how do you produce a large number […]

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