Finesse your Margarita

You may have noticed that I’m an effective if not subtle barman. So occasionally it’s good to sample the arts of a proper cocktail bartender and see how the professionals perform. In my experience this is not as easy as it seems – never mind the state of modern cocktails, any barperson with a shaker […]

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Christmas Tapas

Just for a change I actually managed to prepare a few little things before Christmas – nothing major, just a few nibbles to complement the first drinks of the day, chatting in the kitchen. All lifted from Pepita Aris’ Tapas & Traditional Spanish Cooking, Kindle edition currently £2.99. The whole of this book is contained […]

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2020 Goes Out with a Bang

Twasn’t the night before Christmas, twas the day before New Year’s Eve and we’re having a very lazy lunch. A nice bowl of Mexican fish soup has brought us as far as mid-afternoon and next up will be a dish of pasta with smoked salmon & porcini. Instead there’s a bang, the music stops and […]

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Drinkies VII – Grog

This all started when Kev gave me a litre bottle of Wood’s 100 Old Navy Rum that had been sitting gathering dust for some years on his top shelf. He’d had a bad experience with it after a night on the rum and blacks – not surprising as it weighs in at 57 proof. To […]

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Raisin Challah Again (Why Not?)

Has to be one of my favourite breakfast breads. Don’t really do sweet stuff but this has a gentle sweetness from a small amount of honey (12%) and the raisins. Look carefully. Not a single raisin has been stolen by the raisin thief – you have to get up early for that. Remembering and negotiating […]

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Drinkies V: Ti-Ponche

Petit-Ponche, Ti-Ponche, ‘tit Ponche, whatever … This is more of a chemistry set than a cocktail. The one constant is 2oz rum. Less if you want to consume a smaller amount of alcohol but everything is relative to the rum. Even that’s not accurate because all you do is arrange the ingredients on a table, […]

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We have been self-isolating since the week of 15 March, today being Friday 13 November. We have nothing to complain about. We work from home anyway, we have a garden and Pant Dreiniog, a reclaimed quarry site, is a few hundred yards away. We can do a nice gentle circuit of a quarter-to-a-half mile when […]

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Drinkies IV – Old Fashioned

One of the few sweet cocktails I like is the Old Fashioned, which is basically just bourbon with sweetened, orange flavoured melt-water. This is a cocktail that is “built”. A teaspoon of sugar is put in a glass followed by a couple of strips of orange peel (just the zest), a few shakes of bitters […]

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