Yeasted “Sourdough”

You all know my views on adding commercial yeast to sourdough. Add yeast and its not sourdough any more. When I was teaching people for an employment project some years backI experimented with hybrids and they most definitely inferior to naturally leavened loaves. When you try to find out the reasons bakers add yeast they […]

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Pizza (1)

So, to start a new life. In less than two weeks I officially become an Old Age Pensioner and the microbakery becomes history. Big party to plan. Once that’s out of the way, finish my second book and run more bread courses. Just when I think I can unpack my deckchair I get a call […]

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Weight a bit!

First, Happy New Year to everyone. I hope you all thrive in the coming months (without recourse to commercial yeast). You know me: tend to go my own way and ignore advice to spray ovens, use a baking stone, bake in pots, do the window pane test, etc., etc. Never worried too much about recipe […]

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