For the Doctor (Pizza 5)


With the last of the pizza dough, another skinny pizza to eat in the kitchen while the main course is being prepared:

Not only was the dough in the fridge, there was left-over tomato sauce. No mozzarella, a scrap of cheddar, and some basil from the windowsill.

4 thoughts on “For the Doctor (Pizza 5)

  1. Funny how things come around. I used a dough recipe you quoted at one point to make pizza using basic ‘fridge’ dough, and it is always a simple, quick treat making pizza at home.
    Some things have moved on since penning this blog post, namely I’d tend to use fresh dough (with its fully active yeast) nowadays, plus I wouldn’t put the roller on the dough, I’d shape it out a little more gently using ny hands. Still throw a good bit of pepperoni and jalapenos on though!

  2. Howdy Marcus
    ‘Orses for courses, old son. That was the Carol Field recipe I converted to sourdough years ago and used for ages. I was real sloppy, sometimes it got two hours from mixing, sometimes four days in the fridge. Always worked.
    End of last year I got a bit more interested and ended up buying about three books on the subject.
    Problem with pizza is it’s simple but really hard to get right – you never get enough time to practice

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