Gert & the Dutch Sourdough Legacy

Nine or ten years ago our good friend Gert, a Dutch chef, gave me outline details of 8 very strange Dutch sourdoughs with the cryptic sentiment, “Hope you can make some sense out of it”.

So, here I go, finally trying to make some sense out of it.

After all this time I’m attempting to turn these outines into intelligible formulas, scale them to 940g doughs, bake them and write up the results. And to do this in the space of a couple of weeks.

First a tribute to Gert who died at the end of May 2019 at the rediculous age of 53:

Gert Vos 05.06.65-31.05.19

Second, the story of how the “recipes” came to me and how I’ve approached turning them into usable formulas whilst changing as little as possible of the basic elements (I think …)

Gert’s Dutch Sourdough

And, the formulas:

Currant Bread

Potato Bread

Fig Bread

Pumpkin Bread

Herbed Bread

Saurerkraut Bread

Banana Bread

Cheese Bread