Buns 2 [(Scraps 3) Pizza 7]

Same pizza dough, 24 hrs in the fridge. Tipped the dough onto well floured surface carefully keeping rectangular shape. Cut off half and divided half in two to form two pizzas.

Floured the other half, carefully divided into eight with floured scraper (no weighing, no shaping). Baked immediately in hot oven about 12/13 minutes:

Not bad, eh? But the pizza was the best I have ever eaten. Layer of grated mozzarella, layer of fried tomato slices sprinkled with chopped coriander and jalapenos, topped with a chicken mixure (onions and mushrooms fried plus leftover chicken plus creme fraiche & cream cheese) and slices of avocado with a final sprinkling of mozzarella.

Only managed to get any sort of photo because Sue had to have a pause.

2 thoughts on “Buns 2 [(Scraps 3) Pizza 7]

  1. best pizza ever? what, even better than the ones you shaped on Sunday? Lol! (Actually, just thinking about pizza’s making me think I need to go and organise some dough, some sauce, some toppings…, some…etc)

  2. Marcus
    I only pressed the dough out for you maestros to do the business with and didn’t even put of plastic gloves for handling yeasted dough.

    You made a pretty good pizza but – I cannot tell a lie – the one I made last week was without question the best pizza I have ever eaten, amateur or professional.

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