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This blog has been running for 8 years and already has over 570 posts.
In October 2017 I decided to make major changes by putting up everything I know about baking starting with pdf’s of my bread books – Sourdough, Microbakin’ & Bara Blas, followed by bread formulas, spreadsheets, features and odds & sods of writing.
15.11.2017: The pdf’s are already up and can be found in the Library (see menu). OK, so Bara Blas might not be a lot of use to you if you don’t speak Welsh but the other two books had a cover value of £12.00 & £14.00 respectively. There are already over a dozen bread formulas up.
Baking techniques, bread formulas, features, controversial and challenging opinions (mine) will continue to be uploaded on a regular basis in the coming weeks and months.
Thank you for your contribution.