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A Bakers’ Resource

This is a site about how I bake.

My aim, over a period of time, is to post everything I have learned since I started baking bread as a home baker in 1992, the experience gained running the Microbakery I set up in 2007, and the present period since 2012 where I am mainly occupied with writing and consultancy and training. I still bake for customers (how could I stop) but now this is pretty much down to once a month.

There’s already a huge amount of information on the site. To date (September 2018) you can access:

♦ My three bread books in pdf form (select “Library” from the Menu)

♦ Over 600 bread related posts compiled since 2008

♦ Over 30 bread formulas so far with dozens more ready to be formatted for publishing

This site is an ongoing project. I’m posting features regularly but in a sort of patchwork quilt kind of way. So don’t be surprised if you come across “under construction” or “coming soon” signs – there’s plenty of completed material to be going on with.

Developing the site is a major part of my day job. In other words, if you want to make use of the material here, I would like a contribution towards the running costs. Doesn’t have to be much: how about £1.00 a visit as a starting point? However, if there are any rich philanthropists out there ….

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