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A Bakers’ Resource

This is a site about how I bake.

My aim, over a period of time, is to post everything I have learned since I started baking bread as a home baker in 1992, the experience gained running the Microbakery I set up in 2007, and the present period since 2012 where I have been occupied mainly with writing and consultancy and training.

Covid update: My training programme came to an abrupt halt in March 2020 when my partner and I decided to self-isolate. By luck, at the same time I was asked to join CADWYN OGWEN, an order processing and delivery scheme for local producers, so I’m back in gainful employment baking once a week. Right now times are just as uncertain but we will resume courses as soon as we feel it is safe to do so.

There’s already a huge amount of information on the site. To date (January 2021) you can access:

♦ Click BAKING RESOURCES to access my three bread books (Sourdough, Microbakin’ and Bara Blas) in pdf form, and, Breadsheet One, my bread formula spreadsheet calculator

♦ Click POSTS to browse over 600 bread related posts compiled since 2008

♦ Click BREAD FORMULAS for over 30 bread recipes so far with dozens more ready to be formatted for publishing

♦ Click COURSES for information of Sourdough and Microbakery courses

♦ Click FEATURES for microbakery and miscellaneous (but fascinating) articles

♦ Click ABOUT for information about Bethesdabakers

Contact details – always happy to deal with questions or queries

I don’t have a paywall because I hope all this information will encourage and help people to bake. But you can Click here to make a financial contribution towards the upkeep of this site