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A Bakers’ Resource

This is a site about how I bake.

My aim, over a period of time, is to post everything I have learned since I started baking bread as a home baker in 1992, the experience gained running the Microbakery I set up in 2007, and the present period since 2012 where I am mainly occupied with writing and consultancy and training. I still bake for customers (how could I stop) but now this is pretty much down to once a month.

There’s already a huge amount of information on the site. To date (February 2020) you can access:

♦ My three bread books in pdf form (select “Library” from the Menu)

♦ Over 600 bread related posts compiled since 2008

♦ Over 30 bread formulas so far with dozens more ready to be formatted for publishing

This site is an ongoing project. I’m posting features regularly but in a sort of patchwork quilt kind of way. So don’t be surprised if you come across “under construction” or “coming soon” signs – there’s plenty of completed material to be going on with.

Developing the site is a major part of my day job. In other words, if you want to make use of the material here, I would like a contribution towards the running costs. Doesn’t have to be much: how about £1.00 a visit as a starting point? However, if there are any rich philanthropists out there ….

Here’s a quote from Alex who runs her own microbakery,, in Wakefield. “Hi Mick. I was looking at the recipes on your site and you’ve so many that I want to try out :)Today I did the pain de campagne, The oat & honey and the brioche! So I thought it was only fair to support the site and all the amazing information you have there. I’m far from swimming in cash but it’s only fair to give recognition and value to someone who shares their work with us. I’m sorry I can’t donate more.”

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