Bread Formulas

Before you start

Using the Formulas

Simple Methods – How I approach bread baking

The Basics – your daily bread

Setting up a microbakery is a pretty hairy experience, especially like back in 2007 when I started there was no one to look to for guidance. One obvious factor for consideration is, what breads are you going to sell? How do you work out what people will want?

The least the general public would expect from a high street baker would be a white loaf, a brown loaf and a wholemeal. So that’s sort of where I started: Pain de Campagne (white sourdough); Mick’s Classic Sourdough (50% strong bread flour, 50% wholemeal); and Wholemeal.

When I say “basic” I mean “unadorned” – no fruit, nuts, etc. I don’t mean “ordinary” – these are the essence of bread baking; they have to stand up on their own.

Pain de Campagne

Mick’s Classic Sourdough

Wholemeal Wheat


Specials = bread with bits in

5 Seed with Spelt


Black Bean with Herbs & Jalapeños

Black Olive Bread

Butternut Squash, Sunflower Seed & Chile

Cheddar & Jalapeños

Cheddar, Spring Onion and Beer


Crusty Potato Bread

Date & Sultana Soya Bread

Fig & Walnut Wholemeal

Med Bread

Mediaeval Barley Bread


Nina’s Bread with Dark Beer

Oat & Honey

Onion & Mustard Bread

Pain Nicoise

Tomato Bread with Sundried Tomatoes

Wholemeal, Honey, Buttermilk

Wholemeal Pain a l’Ancienne

Rye Breads

Apple & Cider Rye

100% Russian Rye

Guinness Vollkornbrot

Nina’s Simple Danish Rye

Nina’s Swedish Spiced Laputabrot

Rye & Raisin


Cherry Tomato Focaccia

Corn Bread

Fougasse Provencale


Parmesan & Courgette Flatbread

Red Grape & Fennel Seed Focaccia

Enriched Doughs/Festive Breads

Brioche au Fromage de Brebis au Figues

Brioche Provencale

Brioche de Noel

Butternut Squash, Mascarpone, Pecorino Brioche

Chestnut/Quince Brioche

Challah/Raisin Challah

Hot Cross Buns

Jamaican Easter Buns

Thanksgiving Bread


80% Hydration Dough – Much More Than Pizza

Pizza Dough 1