Bread Formulas

Before you start

Using the Formulas

The Basics – your daily bread

Pain de Campagne

Mick’s Classic Sourdough

Wholemeal Wheat


5 Seed with Spelt


Black Bean with Herbs & Jalapeños

Black Olive Bread

Butternut Squash, Sunflower Seed & Chile

Cheddar & Jalapeños

Cheddar, Spring Onion and Beer


Crusty Potato Bread

Date & Sultana Soya Bread

Fig & Walnut Wholemeal

Med Bread

Mediaeval Barley Bread


Nina’s Bread with Dark Beer

Oat & Honey

Onion & Mustard Bread

Pain Nicoise

Tomato Bread with Sundried Tomatoes

Wholemeal, Honey, Buttermilk

Wholemeal Pain a l’Ancienne

Rye Breads

Apple & Cider Rye

100% Russian Rye

Guinness Vollkornbrot

Nina’s Simple Danish Rye

Nina’s Swedish Spiced Laputabrot

Rye & Raisin


Cherry Tomato Focaccia

Corn Bread

Fougasse Provencale


Parmesan & Courgette Flatbread

Red Grape & Fennel Seed Focaccia

Enriched Doughs/Festive Breads

Brioche au Fromage de Brebis au Figues

Brioche Provencale

Brioche de Noel

Butternut Squash, Mascarpone, Pecorino Brioche

Chestnut/Quince Brioche

Challah/Raisin Challah

Hot Cross Buns

Jamaican Easter Buns

Thanksgiving Bread


80% Hydration Dough – Much More Than Pizza

Pizza Dough 1