Meanwhile (Pizza 4) …

The beauty of sourdough is that life continues while your dough is fermenting in the fridge. Coming out of the fridge was the remains of pizza dough. While Sue’s shoulder of lamb is in one oven, a very thin pizza is about to go in the other oven to nibble while the lamb cooks:
Pizza Fiamma – red onions, rosemary, chile flakes, salt & pepper.
Crisp as a biscuit – total flavour.

5 thoughts on “Meanwhile (Pizza 4) …

  1. You’re not wrong. Sometimes you just have to point a camera and all the simple beauty of an object seems to come through. Nothing to do with the skill of the photographer.

  2. Well, well, It’s the Doctor! You haven’t popped up for a long time. I hope you are well.
    It’s quite a wet dough that I adapted from the Cheeseboard – 78% – and it had been in the fridge 2-3 days. The tin is fairly well oiled but I stretched the dough by tossing, which I’m still hopeless at, and then pressing out. No oil in or on the dough although the onions were tossed in olive oil.

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