Still here …

…. but less tha two weeks left. The only thing you can say about the weather after three weeks is that the rest of France (and Europe) are having it worse. This oven gives a new meaning to “white bread”: Doesn’t matter what flour you use, it comes out white. Had a go at olive […]

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Page 43

“Please may I buy a copy of this wonderful book?” emails Martin. I’m totally impervious to praise, you understand. But, if you’ve already put your hand in your pocket and bought Bethesdabasics, here’s a bit of bonus so turn to Page 43 – Tortillas. We had the second half of a chicken in the fridge […]

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Been here best part of two weeks already and it is the feast of St Honore, patron saint of bakers and it’s pissing it down. I am being SERIOUSLY challenged by technology. Just before we came to France I bought a Blackberry Playpad and a little keyboard and we brought this and a laptop over […]

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French Cups

It’s been strange coming back and scaling everything by weight again after a month’s improvising in France. And for all of you who don’t have faith in your starter, after four weeks in the fridge, refreshed my starter Sunday evening, looked healthy Monday morning, Tuesday evening had  3 kilos + for a 20 odd kilo […]

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Fete du Pain

A bit of research before we went to France turned up the first ever Fete du Pain in Bordeaux 15/16 May. So I got in touch with la Ronde des Quartiers de Bordeaux for some info – received a slightly bewildered reply which included an application form to enter Best Baguette de Tradition contest but […]

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Pain Gascon

Before we came away I was in touch with Anne Lataillade who has a famous blog, Papilles et Pupilles, about Bordeaux. She gave me the names of some Bordeaux bakers to check out. You know I am an old cynic and not much over-awed by professional bakers whatever their reputation. Sometimes though I walk into […]

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Ist Bread

We’ve been staying in this particular studio in Arcachon since 2005. That includes one three month stint, one two month, and this is the second one month, so it doesn’t exactly take a long time to settle in. The studio is what was once a servant’s quarters in the grounds of a very grand house […]

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Wild for a taste of sourdough. Alfred Hitchcock used to holiday here. For Zeb belatedly and Andrew who doesn’t get to see them because he’s so far from the sea. Mick

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Pain de Chataigne

Here’s one for Gareth and his box fetish: I bought it from my man Marc Brion from Le Fournil des Boiens in Biganos who has a stall at the market at Arcachon on Sundays. I bought it for its looks – couldn’t actually remember what chataigne meant – chestnut of course. Delicious.

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