French Cups

It’s been strange coming back and scaling everything by weight again after a month’s improvising in France. And for all of you who don’t have faith in your starter, after four weeks in the fridge, refreshed my starter Sunday evening, looked healthy Monday morning, Tuesday evening had  3 kilos + for a 20 odd kilo mix.

This is a French cup. Weird, they drink coffee out of them as well. Anyway this was all I had to use as a measure. Eventually I settled on a formula of 3.5 cups flour, 1.5 water, 0.5 starter, bit of salt. The starter I just mixed to a consistency I thought I recognised. You’ve heard of the scoop and swipe method, this was more scoop and scowl. Worked every time – worked differently every time.

A sort of campagne – didn’t bother with shaping this holiday.

A sort of Mick’s Classic with T110 flour.

Ah well, back to two decimal point accuracy.

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