Pain de Chataigne

Here’s one for Gareth and his box fetish:

I bought it from my man Marc Brion from Le Fournil des Boiens in Biganos who has a stall at the market at Arcachon on Sundays. I bought it for its looks – couldn’t actually remember what chataigne meant – chestnut of course. Delicious.


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7 Responses to Pain de Chataigne

  1. zeb says:

    one day you will set up the bread for the shot and a seagull will come along….have you ever had an icecream stolen by a seagull? I have…

  2. Big-G says:

    Lovely! One of my favourite boxes, ……from a company called Panibois. . They have a range of bakeable wooden boxes, made from recycled fruit & veg cases (made from poplar wood…you know the long straight trees that generally line all the National roads in France). The company originally started at Rungis market in Paris, recycling their fuit & veg boxes. A really clever niche recycling product, if a tad expensive, when currency & shipping are taken into account, and their largest size, really best suited to smaller loaves (I think up to 500gr but I doubt more than 800) they cost around 75p each.)

    For Mick’s Miches and the Big-G BigGrin loaf, I omit the reforming part and just bake a 4-5Kg loaf in a poplar wood wooden box with baking paper lining…et voila ! Recycled!

  3. bethesdabakers says:


    No time for ice cream here. Busy, busy, busy. But I will find time to post seagulls.


    As ever you are a mine of information but explain about 4-5K loaves in poplar wood box.

  4. zeb says:

    those boxes make me wish I was in business! They look fantastic and you can bake in them, is that right? Is there a temperature limit, do you soak them or anything like that?

  5. bethesdabakers says:

    Hello Zeb

    Gareth’s your man. I don’t think you have to wet them and I think you just bake as normal.

    This one has a baking paper liner and was baked in a woodburning oven.

  6. theinversecook says:

    I don’t know why, but those boxes really make me want to buy that bread, whenever I see a bread in a wooden box like that. Gives you the feeling that it is treated with individual care perhaps.

  7. Andy says:

    Mmm, maybe we should put bread in boxes!! There aren’t any seagulls in Crich though as we are as far from the sea as you can get in the UK.

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