Fete du Pain

A bit of research before we went to France turned up the first ever Fete du Pain in Bordeaux 15/16 May. So I got in touch with la Ronde des Quartiers de Bordeaux for some info – received a slightly bewildered reply which included an application form to enter Best Baguette de Tradition contest but saying I couldn’t be allowed to enter because it was only open to Girondin bakers. Entre nous, as you might say I think they were petrified a Brit baker might win. As a consolation they offered me a stall at the event for only 840€ the two days.

Anyway we trotted off to Place de la Victoire on the 16th, the feast of St Honore patron saint of bakers as you all know, where they had a little encampment of pavilions. It was a bit disappointing. The biggest of the tents was set up as a bakery by a company who sold the gear. There was a deck oven and loader:

a couple of prover/retarders, moulder, mixer and the rest of the kit:

but nothing actually happening when we were there – well there was a baker giving a talk to an audience of about three but no bread action.

There were about six smaller tents: a water metering company, one with posters showing the bread-making process from grain to loaf, a tent for presentations, Campaillou, the Grands Moulins de Paris flour mixes, and only one, Pain Maitre, actually selling bread:

I rather dubiously bought a Pain de Campagne which turned out to be very good – a really tangy pain aux levain.

I’m sure it’s not what the organisers intended but the most useful thing for me was finding this:
on the Campaillou stall. One is winging my way at this very moment from Mr Amazon.

It’s a start. It was the first event in Bordeaux so maybe next year will be better. Could well be all the action took place when we weren’t there but there was no apparent programme so how were we to know. I reckon we should volunteer a team of bakers to do round-the-clock demonstrations for the two days next year. Anyone up for it? Notice all those blue skies?

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