Still here …

…. but less tha two weeks left. The only thing you can say about the weather after three weeks is that the rest of France (and Europe) are having it worse.
This oven gives a new meaning to “white bread”:
white bread 001 smallDoesn’t matter what flour you use, it comes out white.
Had a go at olive bread in herb trays:
olive 007 smallOh yeah, celebrated 34 years of marriage:
sue mick 003 smallCooked Sue a fabulous seafood paella with the fantastic produce from the market.

14 thoughts on “Still here …

  1. Dear Mick, long time no speak. Just catching up.

    34 years! – congrats to you both. Warm wishes, Matt

  2. Would love to, it sounds like the ultimate gathering but I’m all spent on holiday entitlement. I am however in the throes of setting up a micro/nano bakery! Will drop you a note separately.

  3. Thank you Zeb. We returned via Bristol last Sunday and had a really nice lunch at Loch Fyne – fabulous dressed crab special. Thought of you and Brian but always too difficult to make arrangements in transit. Hope you are both well


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