High Hydration Wholemeal

Otherwise known as Pain a l’ancienne – using wholemeal wheat flour.

I claim no credit for this formula. I’m pretty sure it came from Shiao Ping who has a blog on the Fresh Loaf site although I got it from the Australian Sourdough.com. She is the sort of baker who makes you feel like a beginner – her breads are perfect and beautifully presented.
ancienne wholemeal cropFor a detailed description of the method with photographs click here and here.

This bread needs an evening mix, two nights in the fridge and a morning bake so start planning now.

Mix the dough (follow the first link for the method), place in a plastic box and put in the fridge overnight. In the morning give the dough a fold and return to the fridge. That afternoon/evening remove from the fridge and ferment for 4-5 hours folding once an hour. Shape, put in baskets and return to the fridge. Next morning bake 50 minutes at 110C (Big G has pointed out this should be 210C – bloody know-all!) as soon as the oven is up to temperature.
crumb 01 small

2 thoughts on “High Hydration Wholemeal

  1. hi Mick, I’ll bet that tastes awesome – slow ferment high hydration wholemeal can taste wonderful!

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