Date & Sultana Soya Bread

yr ocar 004 smallOtherwise know as “Off Yr Ocar”. Why? Well I was tracked down by two women (mother and daughter) from up the coast towards England who run yoga courses. No, they weren’t looking for recruits, they wanted good quality bread for a group they were bringing to the peace and tranquility of Bethesda for a weekend. It wasn’t really worth my while but they were so nice I did a small bake for them. Second time round they asked for a fruit bread and were inclined towards date. I put this loaf together for them – I have to admit I made naughty stereotypical assumptions about the people who might do a yoga weekend.

I thought yoga people might well go for soya milk as opposed to dairy, and honey rather than sugar. Oats go well with soya milk, and together with a dash rye add a bit of earthy rusticity. To be honest I think the sultanas crept in because I was short of dates. Such is the scientific approach to bread formula creation.
date & sultana soya bread cropPour the boiling water over the oats and allow to cool (you could always dissolve the honey in the soaker). Mix all the ingredients into a dough and use the short knead method (3×10 kneads with five minute gaps). Ferment for four hours or overnight. Shape. Three and a half hours prove. Bake 50 minutes at 210C.

Oh yeah, the yoga course was taking place at Yr Ocar across the valley from us. (Off your rocker – gerrit?)

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