Weird Dutch Bread II

Gert’s been made homeless. Stupid, stupid politicians. The geezer who owned the B&B that Gert was managing and where he ran his restaurant is an Australian guy in his sixties. He’s lived in the UK for years, has been a successful businessman and generally contributed to the good of the country. But his permit to live here has expired and attempts to have it renewed have been refused. So the B&B has been sold, the owner deported and Gert is in temporary accommodation. It’s not just Ukrap, it’s all the stupid politicians in this shoddy little country.

I’ll just finish this while I wait for the knock in the night.

So Gert has been doing pop-ups and this week is Dutch week which calls for ….. Dutch bread. Remember this – ? Well I didn’t but I made it again this time in couches:
dutch pot smallcrumb 002 smallSeem to be becoming an expert in flat breads these days, not that this worries me in this case because it’s weird Dutch bread which has its own logic. The taste and texture are fantastic!

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