Butters’ Bakery

As well as the crucial matter of pressing the apples, another reason Gill & Jay invited a couple of friends over for the weekend is they are setting up a new microbakery and the equipment is in place!

Unlike my stumbling into bakedom an additional kilo of flour at a time, Jay has actually done some planning. Not only that, he has successfully made grant applications for machinery:
oven 003 smallA Hausler, single phase, four tray deck oven in the living room if you please. This beast would fill my kitchen if you could get it in in the first place. And then there wouldn’t be room to use it…
mixer 002 smallThe laptop doesn’t come with the mixer but, unlike my old battler, it comes on wheels, the motor housing tilts up lifting the spiral out of the bowl, and the bowl is detachable. Takes all the fun out of it if you ask me. I mean I hand-mixed about 23 kilos of dough last night (including one at nearly 7K) plus another 5K this morning rather than get the mixer dirty.

In attendance at the weekend was Joe Firebeard and Marcus of the diehards plus a young friend of Gill and Jay’s, Sean and his partner.
mixing 001 smallmarcus smallMarcus sporting his Movember moustache and swearing it was coming off the following day.

epi 002 smallJoe was on form (and on the yeast) with baguettes, epis and a dragon’s tail plus his party piece this time:
red pepper 001 smallWell – worth a try – the idea was to bake a dough inside the ingredient, if you see what I mean.

A really relaxed, enjoyable weekend put on by generous hosts. Oh, yes …
pizza 001 small… of course we had pizzas.

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4 thoughts on “Butters’ Bakery

  1. Gggrrrrr, you’re making me jealous now Mick – really sorry to have missed it! I like the look of that Haussler oven too …

  2. Can you tell me the name of the bakery that is using this equipment. I would love to ask them some questions about it.


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