Weird Dutch Bread

If you follow this blog you willl know, 1. I bake a small batch weekly for Gert, a Dutch chef whose menus range the world settling in each location for one week only, and that, 2. he translated a series of eight weird Dutch sourdough recipes that I’m slowly working through. Let us say they require a little interpretation before they reach the oven.

His latest demand is for Potato Bread which goes:
1 liter sourdough (they all start “1 liter sourdough”)
600g wholemeal flour
400ml yoghurt
1 chopped and fried onion
2 teasp cumin
400g grated potato
250g grated cheese

So you don’t know what the final weight should be or how many loaves, what the hydration of the starter is, what weight of onion, cooked or raw potato. Salt?

Anyway, I’ve done a few of the now so it gets easier. The starter comes out at a massive 125% of flour weight, the potato went in raw.
spud 001 smallspud crumb 001 smallspud crumb 002 smallLike the photographer not a very photogenic loaf but totally delicious. Crisp but light crust, very soft crumb and the combination of flavours is fabulous. Sort of loaf you could eat at a sitting if you weren’t careful.

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