That Dough – Again

This is also weird – the fascination with one straightforward wet, white dough. This is the 80ish% hydration dough that I use primarily for pizza which started through a miscalculation of a yeasted dough from The Bread Collective – a confusion of US/Metric/Imperial cups, that sort of thing.

Usually I knock it up and put it in the fridge for at least a couple of days – Pain a l’Ancienne style. But the other week, being short of bread, I did it in super-fast time. Today, same situation, but with camera available.

Starter hadn’t been refreshed for about 36hrs but needs must. Mixed at 9.00 a.m. – couple of short kneads (x 10), stretch and fold hourly. Total fermentation 4 hrs. Scaled at 200g. Rested briefly (20 mins?). Rolled out as baguettes straight onto baking sheet. Rested until oven up to 240C (15 mins?).

Baked 20 minutes + and extra 2. Out of oven by 2.15 p.m.
bags 002 smallcrumb 002 smallGobsmacked and waiting for cheese time.

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3 thoughts on “That Dough – Again

  1. would it be fair to say that you handled the dough pretty carefully during shaping? Just thinking that there must have been something you did to avoid losing the gas pockets which we see as decent-sized holes in the final crumb?

  2. Hi Marcus – I didn’t handle them gently to avoid degassing – I worked quickly because that’s the only way wet dough can be handled.
    I bet you have envious workmates, Alistair

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