Ciabatta 1 [(Scraps2) Pizza 6]

Same pizza dough as in Scraps below. 48hrs in fridge.

Sunday a.m., woken by Christians ringing church bells at 7.45 a.m. (*!+@!!”#$%^&*!!!). Turned on oven, tipped dough onto flour surface, cut into four, roughly shaped, stretched, put on baking paper. When oven up to heat, dimpled, baked 20 mins = ciabatta (or are they jamless doughnuts – the hole’s big enough).

Whatever they are they will soon be breakfast.

7 thoughts on “Ciabatta 1 [(Scraps2) Pizza 6]

  1. That’s wholly immaterial. The Christian bell ringers would have been show the rough end of a baguette if they had come anywhere near.

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