Repeat Offender

Of course baking is all about theft, some forms of which are more acceptable that others. At one end of the spectrum it’s nice to be able to say “We all learn from each other” and to acknowledge where ideas come from. To adopt this line you also have to contribute something from time to […]

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Ciabatta 1 [(Scraps2) Pizza 6]

Same pizza dough as in Scraps below. 48hrs in fridge. Sunday a.m., woken by Christians ringing church bells at 7.45 a.m. (*!+@!!”#$%^&*!!!). Turned on oven, tipped dough onto flour surface, cut into four, roughly shaped, stretched, put on baking paper. When oven up to heat, dimpled, baked 20 mins = ciabatta (or are they jamless […]

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Weight a bit!

First, Happy New Year to everyone. I hope you all thrive in the coming months (without recourse to commercial yeast). You know me: tend to go my own way and ignore advice to spray ovens, use a baking stone, bake in pots, do the window pane test, etc., etc. Never worried too much about recipe […]

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Waitrose Essentials

Or what you might call Magi-mix. Got about thirty to mix tomorrow. Then there’s all those biscotti to make: And then there’s the regular bake on Thursday Never mind. Soon be Christmas.

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Pane Pugliese

Here’s one I baked earlier. In 2004 actually – and then rewrote it in 2007: One of the most influential bread books of recent times (I have to be careful saying that – it was first published in 1985) is Carol Field’s The Italian Baker. It’s the sort of book you could spend a lifetime […]

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