Royal Progress

4 thoughts on “Royal Progress

  1. So you’re back over this side of the water. Hope you brought that measuring cup back with you, I fancy a cup of tea in that, looks nice. Where did you dig up that badge ?Like it. Could have done with it as I passed through local ( english ) street party yesterday.
    I think they are on their way out, few more years. It’s the corporations which I think are the problem today . The GM lot are on the move pushing at moment. I had a good outing at anti- GM picnic last weekend at Rothampstead. Great bunch of young people involved. There’s Hope !

    Ring you in week


  2. Hiya Rick
    I’ve had the badge in my jewel box since – errrhm – 1977 but it doesn’t seem to have worked. My only argument with the anti-GM lot is that questionnaire (I assume you got one) demanding to know what my policy on GM is and threatening to publish my name if I don’t respond. I haven’t.
    Shall we set up BAM, Bakers Against the Monarchy? That would worry them!

  3. God Saves the Queen, she aint no human being!
    HOw’s it going amigo…just took a tumble on my bike and hit my ass…still baking…will you be in Angleterre in August…would love to have a beer with you!

    Say hey to that lovely wife of yours!

    Love you…


  4. How dare you impugn the majesty of our gracious monarch, you American bounder! And on the occasion of the Duke’s 91st birthday.

    Just cleared my diary for August – the beer’s on me.

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