Royal Progress

One last push ….


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4 Responses to Royal Progress

  1. moonbake1 says:

    So you’re back over this side of the water. Hope you brought that measuring cup back with you, I fancy a cup of tea in that, looks nice. Where did you dig up that badge ?Like it. Could have done with it as I passed through local ( english ) street party yesterday.
    I think they are on their way out, few more years. It’s the corporations which I think are the problem today . The GM lot are on the move pushing at moment. I had a good outing at anti- GM picnic last weekend at Rothampstead. Great bunch of young people involved. There’s Hope !

    Ring you in week


  2. bethesdabakers says:

    Hiya Rick
    I’ve had the badge in my jewel box since – errrhm – 1977 but it doesn’t seem to have worked. My only argument with the anti-GM lot is that questionnaire (I assume you got one) demanding to know what my policy on GM is and threatening to publish my name if I don’t respond. I haven’t.
    Shall we set up BAM, Bakers Against the Monarchy? That would worry them!

  3. Jeremy says:

    God Saves the Queen, she aint no human being!
    HOw’s it going amigo…just took a tumble on my bike and hit my ass…still baking…will you be in Angleterre in August…would love to have a beer with you!

    Say hey to that lovely wife of yours!

    Love you…


  4. bethesdabakers says:

    How dare you impugn the majesty of our gracious monarch, you American bounder! And on the occasion of the Duke’s 91st birthday.

    Just cleared my diary for August – the beer’s on me.

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