Dutch Herbed Bread

This is how the original “recipe” looked:

And this is my version scaled to 940g:

Used fresh basil in the absence of dried.

This dough came out really dry. Rather than adding water at this stage, I kneaded with wet hands until it was workable

Usual routine, hand mix, 3 x 10 kneads with 5 minute rests, 4 hours fermentation with folds at hourly intervals.

Thiis time I shaped as a tin loaf. I intended 3½ hours proof in the tin but knocked off half an hour because of the speed of the rise. Baked in the Pico 50 minutes, 250C top 220C bottom, steam for 15 minutes. In a convection oven I would have given it a straight 50 minutes at 210C.

The flavours in this are really subtle and don’t really show until you’ve chewed for a few seconds. But they do show and are enhanced by the spices, small though the quantities are.

Might add a little water next time …