Dutch Pumpkin Bread

This is how the original “recipe” looked:

And this is my version scaled to 940g:

This one came out very wet, possibly because I used Butternut Squash and roasted it until very soft. Wet but workable.

Usual routine, hand mix, 3 x 10 kneads with 5 minute rests, 4 hours fermentation with folds at hourly intervals. Shape. The intention was to give it 3½ hours proof in basket but after 2 hours it was flying (same bake as the Fig). Half an hour later baked in the Pico 50 minutes, 250C top 220C bottom, steam for 15 minutes. In a convection oven I would have given it a straight 50 minutes at 210C.

Thought this bread was fine but not inspiring. The cumin adds a bit of interest like the light spicing in some of the other breads. Have to work on this a bit.