Dutch Banana Bread

This is how the original “recipe” looked:

And this is my version scaled to 940g:

This dough came out so wet I added an additional 76g flour.

Usual routine, hand mix, 3 x 10 kneads with 5 minute rests, 4 hours fermentation with folds at hourly intervals. Shape, 3½ hours prove in basket. Baked in the Pico 50 minutes, 250C top 220C bottom, steam for 15 minutes. In a convection oven I would have given it a straight 50 minutes at 210C.

As you can see, the bread was pushing the limits of what could be called high-bake although the crumb was fine. I shall take a little more care next time.


Second Bake

Took a different approach second time around. Same formula (plus 50g flour) but cut the dough in half and made two tin loaves. Also treated them like my enriched doughs: baked at 250C top, 220C bottom with steam for 15 minutes, then reduced to 200C top and bottom, 40 minutes in total.

Much better than the first hard-baked loaf: soft crust and crumb, clear flavours of banana and the slightly weird mix of buckwheat and peanut flours. Like it.