Whey Hey!

You’ll have seen a couple of weeks ago I did a wheat tortilla recipe based on whey – except I didn’t have any and used yoghurt instead to good effect. But I thought I should beg some from Carrie Rimes whose dairy is only 10 minutes walk away (Cosyn Cymru) and has the added cachet of being ewes’ milk.

Carrie is a hugely busy person and dropped me off two different types of whey with a brief explanation before diving off to her next assignment. By the time I heard the gate bang I realised I had no idea what each was called and what the difference was. Being a pragmatist I called one White and the other Yellow.

Anyway, it must be experiment time – comparative outcomes with the two wheys kept strictly apart. Earlier in the week I made tortillas and the results are safely in the freezer. Yesterday I tried two doughs, each with one of the wheys.

I used my basic Campagne formula which is my plainest dough, just strong bread flour, because it was the taste of the whey in the bread that I was interested in.

For identification purposes I scored the one dough with a Y (on the left) and the other with a W. Just as well I had other ways of identifying the doughs because the cuts went a little berserk in the oven.

That’s a Y!

Breakfast this morning. Not much difference in the crust and crumb. So we both had a slice of each and savoured the taste, sniffed the aroma.

Well, it wasn’t the game-changer I thought it might be. I couldn’t detect the tang I was expecting and the difference between the two was margininal for me. Eventually Sue said it had a touch of the barn yard for her. She’s much more sensitive to taste than I am. That’s when the jam and honey came out …

You have to try these things.

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