Pollo Ticuleno / Wholemeal Wheat Tortillas

First off, I found a recipe for wholemeal wheat tortillas made with whey on a whole grain milling site from Andrea at dearmark23.com. Her website is a bit scarily wholesome for me but I love her approach which is basically, this is what I would do, but if you don’t have this, use that. So, I didn’t have whey but I did have yoghurt and I used that.

Her measurements are all cups and spoons which, for me, came out at:
Wholemeal Wheat Flour 564g
Whey (Yoghurt) 486g
Olive Oil 44g
Salt 10g

Make a dough from all the ingredients, knead it, rest it. Scale at 60g (I got 18), roll out thinly, dry fry in a hotish skillet until they bubble up, flip and briefly cook the other side. If you’re not using them straightaway, cool and freeze in batches.

Simple to make, easy to roll out and great flavour.

Sue and I share a chicken if we have one at the weekend. My job is to joint it and make the stock. Then, one day she cooks her half and the other day I cook my half. Usually two quite contrasting meals.

(This weekend shifted sideways because we went to Caernarfon on Saturday to get her birthday present. We would have gone out to lunch but between Caernarfon, Bangor and Menai Bridge, where can you get a decent lunch? So I had mince and burger buns defrosting and we had probably the best burgers for miles shortly after we got home.)

So Saturday fell on Sunday when Sue produced a fabulous Poulet en Cocotte, and Sunday occurred on Monday when I put together my showpiece, Pollo Ticuleno, AKA Tickle Chicken, which is just an assemblage of simple elements. The only clever bit is having them all ready at the same time.

All it is is a fried tortilla, with a layer of black beans, surmounted by a chicken breast coated in flour, egg and bread crumbs and fried in butter, coated in a tomato sauce, sprinkled liberally with parmesan, garnished with fried plantain (banana in this case), peas, raddish, and pickled red onion slices.

Way to start the week …

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