Best Ever Pizza?

Seem to be having a productive time just now. Nan-e Barbari, a neat Irish stew using up scrag end that had been lurking in the freezer since before Christmas, a new wheat tortilla recipe (yet to be revealed), today’s Jamaican Easter Buns, and now, what I think is my best ever pizza.

I mean there’s nothing particularly special about it: 400g of my basic pizza dough fermented for 24 hours, very basic tomato sauce, layer of softened aubergine, layer of softened courgettes, piquilo chiles, scattering of green olives, mozzerella. It’s a big boy, 14½” long (that’s a 12″ carbon steel Sabatier in the picture. Got it for a tenner in a sale).

Baked in the Pico 300C top and bottom for 30 minutes. Short blast of steam at the start. Brushed the rim with garlic oil when it came out.

It just happened to be pretty perfect. The bake was just right; even at the centre there was no trace of sogginess which is not bad in a heavily load pizza that size.

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6 thoughts on “Best Ever Pizza?

  1. 30 minutes ! Are you sure ? Using your recipe I’m 10 mins max at 260 in a conventional oven with steel pizza stone

    1. I was describing a pizza I made that I thought was pretty good.
      I wasn’t starting a challenge.
      Are you saying maybe I can’t read a timer?
      Are you saying you can bake a pizza faster than I can? So what?

      1. No not at all I was surprised by the 30 minutes, the copy of your book I have says 10 minutes I wondered if it was a typo.

      2. My book describes how I baked a pizza a dozen years ago. Different decade, different, pizza, different dough, differrent dough weight, different oven.

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