The White Welly Boys

Friday was Carrie Rimes’ birthday. It was also supposed to be the Grand Opening of Llaethdy Gwyn, Carrie’s new dairy, but a last minute four inches of snow meant that things had to be scaled back a bit.

But the band played on. Excellent performance by Vri appearing, for contractual reasons, in heavy disguise as The White Welly Boys.

Patrick Rimes (on the left) is, of course, Carrie’s son; Jordon Price Williams, cello; Aneirin Jones, fiddle. I’ve been listening for a while to their album “Islais a Genir”and was keen to see them. Pretty good entertainment when you’re queueing for a tour of the dairy.

Always thought Bethesda was lucky to have a cheese maker of her quality but touring the production rooms really brought home the perseverance and determination she has shown to convert this former Catholic church into a modern dairy.

Of course I wasn’t organised enough to actually take photos of Carrie or the dairy or even the bread I made for the event …

Vri – touring UK May & June including Pontio, Bangor May 19

Cosyn Cymru – Llaethdy Gwyn – on the A5 just before the football club as you come into Bethesda in the direction of Bangor.

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2 thoughts on “The White Welly Boys

  1. Looks like a grand opening, even if the snow prevented it being Grand. I have been digging around on Vri’s website and enjoying their videos. Stig x

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