St Patrick 2023

First soda bread for years. Sort of followed Dan Lepard’s Waterford Soda Bread recipe from The Handmade Loaf with a few modifications. So it went:

Wholemeal Wheat Flour 300g
Oats 50g (substituted for fine oatmeal)
Butter 20g
Baking Soda 1tsp
Salt ½tsp
Sugar 1tsp
Yoghurt 200g (substituted for buttermilk)
Milk 200g

I greased a shallow 8 inch cake tin with butter and floured it with wholemeal + a sprinkle of oats.

Rubbed the butter into the flour and oats, added the soda, salt and sugar and tossed the mixture.

Mixed the yoghurt and milk and quickly stirred into the flour mix. Scraped into the tin and gently smoothed the surface. Sprinkled with oats. Into the oven.

Dan used oatbran to sprinkle the surface. He has the oven preheated to 200C and bakes 25 minutes covered in a sheet of foil and a further 25 with the foil removed.

In the Pico I had 200C top and bottom and had 15 minutes steam instead of using foil.

It went great with the first course of our St Patrick’s Day lunch, Caribbean Crab Backs. Why Caribbean? you might well ask …

The main course was Mussels in Guinness but by this time the photographer had forgotten he was on duty and was looking for truth in the bottom of his glass …

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