Seem to have settled down to 250C top, 220C bottom for loaves in the Pico. Cleaned the oven window to appease the Pico gods after they bit my arm a few days back. Didn’t have any more aggravation from them with yesterday’s Butternut Squash. No sunflower seeds or chile flakes this time just a good sprinkle of red pepper flakes.

In retirement I’m trying to find a balance so that there’s a selection of breads available for us but not a glut.

End of a Campagne sandwiched between an Oat and Honey and Butternut Squash

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One thought on “Squash

  1. this Squash breads looks amazing those ends will go great with soup for me any winter day. Great job!!!!! I will bake this bread I just brought a Squash!!

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