Sausage Boulangère

You can’t really be comfortable with a new oven if you’re still in awe of it, it has to become more matter of fact. Anyway, it bit me:

so now I’m starting to treat the Pico as just another, though impressive, piece of kitchen equipment.

It can’t just be exclusively a bread oven. But if it’s going to be an all-rounder where better to start than Sausage Boulangère – potatoes in the style of the baker’s wife, which would have baked in the bread oven,

Having a supply of Tatws Ric a Magi’s rainbow spuds in the cupboard is a good start.

Layer of mandolined spuds, ditto onion, layer of spuds en plus. Salt, pepper, chicken stock, topped with (vegans look away now) sausages. Dot with butter.

Bake for 20 minutes wrapped in tin foil. Remove foil continue baking until spuds’ tender

With a dish of carrots gently cooked in butter with a little serrano moistened with the odd spoon of chicken stock …

Actually, I lied to you. A week ago Sue cooked a much more sophisticated dish in the bread oven:

Slow-Cooked Pork with Sage, Mustard & Tomatoes. A Paula Wolfert recipe – three hours in the oven at 140C.

A bit good …

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