High Bake or burnt?

Taking a step backwards, I baked a plain Focaccia using the same batch of dough 24 hours on so the dough has been fermenting in the fridge for 96 hours, i.e. it’s getting pretty knackered and the gluten is on the way out.

Exactly the same procedure as yesterday minus the pears https://thepartisanbaker.com/2021/09/29/first-foc/

Decided to tough it out and bake at 340C top and bottom and to give it 15 minutes without fiddling with the temperature.

It’s burnt, isn’t it?

Well, it’s certainly charred in places but the crumb is fine:

Raises a whole lot of questions about when is bread baked, what is “correct”, what is the baker aiming for, when is the customer right to complain? (I think they might have complained!)

At the other extreme, yesterday I also tried out an enriched dough in the Pico.

Raisin Challah done as a turban – https://thepartisanbaker.com/challah/.

940g dough. Baked on parchment on a pizza tin. Egg washed. Started at 210C top, 200C bottom. Reduced top to 200C after 20 minutes. 2nd egg wash. Full bake 40 minutes. Came out pretty nice. Next time 200C top and bottom.

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