First Foc

Pear & Rosemary Focaccia – first bread not baked directly on the sole of the Pico.

My usual 80% hydration dough ( about 72 hours old. 340g dough within a sandwich tin ring on a pizza tin. 330C top & bottom.

Have to learn to be braver. Baking is about charred bits and uncharred bits not about an all-over even suntan. After 10 minutes I decided the bottom was burning but the top wasn’t ready. So I turned off bottom heat. Then I thought the sole wouldn’t cool that quickly so I put the focaccia on a rack and returned it to the oven for another 5 minutes.

Ha! (1) Would have been more sensible to start with a plain focaccia rather than an over-loaded pear one. (2) Should have just left it on the sole for the full 15 minutes.

Came out great (with room for improvement of course). The bottom wasn’t burning, just the rim getting charred and interesting.

Five minutes after it came out of the oven, tap at the door. Anne from down the road suffering from a glut of Victoria plums. So I helped her out a bit and she got half a focaccia.

Plum focaccia do you think?

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