Barbue Valée d’Auge

Today is the first day of our 46th year of living together. So yesterday we had a bit of a bang-up lunch.

Started with Loire Valley sparkle and José Pizarro’s Citrus Prawn Fritters click here. The fritters were so filling we couldn’t think of a main course for a long time (and another bottle of wine).

Then Barbue Vallé d’Auge from Jane Grigson’s Normandy Cooking – Brill poached in cider with leek and apple, the liquid reduced to a sauce with creme fraiche, served with (big) button mushrooms plus roasted red peppers and black olives plus rice.

Plus Mick’s baguettes of course:

Plus a bottle of wine for pud.

It was all a bit good …

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2 thoughts on “Barbue Valée d’Auge

  1. Ooooh that looks good. I was eyeing up those fritters only this morning. Perhaps I should make them. And I have immediately ordered a copy of the Jane Grigson xx

    1. Hello Stig
      You must be feeling rich the price of that little book!
      Watch out for his allioli. Mine was a disaster. I think his quantities are all wrong. Use my own garlic mayo recipe next time. Great fritters tho!

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