Commander Cody

The phone call didn’t help. Just before I caught the London coach and just after Sue bought a chicken I called to say I’d become vegetarian. It was early days and the course of true love was lost in the rocks which is why she was in London and I was in Manchester. The chicken cast its dark shadow across what was supposed to be a reconciliatory weekend.

As I recall, we had a difficult and tense couple of days and I was depressed as hell heading back to Victoria Coach Station and up the motorway to Manchester. On cue the weather deteriorated and it got darker and darker and wetter and wetter on the way up North.

There was a ticket in my pocket to see Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen and I was in two minds about going the mood I was in, but I sloshed through the rain and the puddles and the Commander not only cheered me up, he made me radiantly happy. “You’ve come to the right place” the man said and for the best part of two hours he and the Airmen proved it so.

That was about 45 years ago and of course Sue and I have lived happily ever after. How could a chicken come between us?

I started writing this a couple of weeks back because I had discovered there was a CD out recorded live during that very tour. So naturally I snatched it up and wanted to share it with you.

But it got saved as a draft until yesterday when my brother Bernie sent a message to say George Frayne (AKA Commander Cody) had died the previous day.

He sent me this link

This is as sophisticated as popular music aught to get: totally unpretentious, a lot of fun and great musicianship. Just download “Live from the Deep Heart of Texas” or “We’ve Got a Live One Here” and see.

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