Stacked Enchiladas

I buy my tortillas by the kilo from Cool Chile Co. That’s about 40 a pack and, if you’ve got to pay mailing, you might as well buy two packs or, like this time, I pressed the wrong button and ended up with three packs. That’s a lot of tortillas even after I gave one pack away. I’m ashamed to say that I’ve wasted quite a few over the years with mould spreading through an open pack even in the fridge. But now I’ve cracked it – repackage them in tens and put them flat in the freezer – simple or what? So long as you defrost them slowly they’re fine. The two of us might consume three apiece which leaves four for a couple of quesadillas as a starter the next day.

The pukka pizza people think it’s sacrilegious to treat pizzas like dustbins to be filled up with your food scraps. Not being a pukka pizza person I do it all the time with pretty good results. I feel the same about stacked enchiladas – what’ve we got in the fridge?

Left-over chicken!

So I run up a quick and simple enchilada sauce – fry an onion, add a heap of chopped coriander + a tin of tomatoes, salt and mucho black pepper. (In the old days I would have thrown in the odd scotch bonnet but Sue can’t handle chile any more so I rely on my killer hot salsa when the food’s on the plate.) Put the lot in the blender, puree and pour into a plastic squeazy bottle. That way, if it doesn’t all get used, the squeazy goes in the fridge and I’ve started accumulating more scraps for food projects yet to come.

Chop an onion, grate some cheese, sniff the creme fraiche that’s been open in the fridge for a week.

Heat the chicken in a little enchilada sauce

Give the tortillas a quick blast in a dry frying pan just to make them supple.

Assemble two layered stacks of three tortillas on a greased baking sheet – tortilla, salsa, chicken, onions, cream, cheese. Bake at about 180C for 15 minutes or so.

Top with a fried egg.

Served it with a simple sliced avocardo and lime juice.

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