Finesse your Margarita

You may have noticed that I’m an effective if not subtle barman. So occasionally it’s good to sample the arts of a proper cocktail bartender and see how the professionals perform. In my experience this is not as easy as it seems – never mind the state of modern cocktails, any barperson with a shaker thinks they can mix.

So I usually stick to the classics and drinks that I make myself so as to get a new slant on something familiar. In this case it’s the Margarita

This little trick took my breath away. The barman at The Oddfellows in Chester floated a small amount of Islay malt on the surface of the drink just before serving. A smokey malt whisky on a margarita is the last thing I would have thought of but it was perfection.

So, Herself having bought me a bottle of tequila and triple sec at Christmas, likewise a bottle of Bowmore from my friend John, how else could I show my appreciation of their largesse? And, as John is locked down in the South of Spain and Sue is allergic to orange liqueurs and malt whisky, I had to drink it all myself.

My mix:
2 oz Tequila
1 oz Triple Sec
Juice of a Lime
Few shakes of Angostura
1 tbsp Bowmore

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