Bethesdabakin’ Bubble?

Yes, you do recognise the face lurking behind the focaccia. It’s Rick, in Bethesda, last Friday.

The 14th annual Bethesdabakin’ weekend should have taken place at Rick & Maggie’s 17th of last month. But, of course, Covid …

Sue and I have been self-isolating, Rick and Maggie have been self-isolating, we absolutely trust each other to be honest about any risks. So last Friday they drove the length of Wales without touching the sides for an all-day lunch and then drove straight back again.

The first Bethesdabakin’ Bubble.

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4 thoughts on “Bethesdabakin’ Bubble?

    1. Was a really nice day and maybe next year we can all meet up – maybe …
      The focaccia method is here
      Sprinkle mozzarella over the surface. Bake for 6 mins. Cover with sliced tomatoes. Continue baking – 18 mins in total? Cover with sliced avo. Sprinkle with garlic/lemon mayo.

      Lots of love xxx

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