Cheddar & Jalapeños

I “inherited” a pile of Brefu Bach from Carrie Rimes maker of superb ewes cheese – Cosyn Cymru. She had some that were turning blue so she suggested I used them in breads for the local bank holiday food fair. I made cheese and grape foccaccia and packaged them in quarters, £1.00 a time. What’s more she did the selling – the things you can get away with when you’re self-isolating …

We should be enjoying five weeks in France right now. Instead we are having two weeks off. “Off what?” you might say. Well, it’s like self-isolating but with better food and wine. No baking for sale for two weeks but a smaller pile of Brefu Bach to play with. And Menter Pandy, local fruit and veg growers have started to sell their own chiles. Ergo cheese and chile bread.

We like to experiment so what you see above is two double-headers, one half loaf using Carrie’s cheese and Pandy’s chiles and the other half, because the good stuff might not always be available, cheddar and pickled jalapeños. One for me and one for my baking mate, Kev, who comes up for an outdoor, socially-distanced pint of Old Rosie most weekends.

I’m fairly happy with the results (haven’t heard from Kev since – hope he’s OK!). Not too cheesy, not hot enough to scare anyone. Plenty of scope for you to play with.

Formula – Cheddar & Jalapeños

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