Guardian Supermarket “Sourdough” Review

You might have seen in last week’s Guardian there was a review of that stuff that the supermarkets label as sourdough: click

So I banged off a letter on 31 March and much to my amazement it popped up today:

guardian letter smallThe online version is here and has a link to the 2007 article written by ….. one Adam Newey. Doesn’t he run the Hill Bakery down in Camberwell?


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7 thoughts on “Guardian Supermarket “Sourdough” Review

  1. Marvellous stuff! Of course I’m still awaiting my fee for the “sourdough genius” tag …

  2. Thanks for responses. Adam I would love to pay you a fee but couldn’t take the chance of compromising your journalistic integrity. Besides, it’s not so easy to make a quick withdrawal from these offshore accounts. It’s not like the Post Office you know.

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