Gert’s Last Bake


I tell you, the guy is so busy being wined and dined during his last days in the UK, he forgot to collect his bread. Mind you, he was very prompt arriving at 9.30 a.m. next day. He was being a bit defensive with me calling the breads “weird Dutch sourdough” pointing out that they looked beautiful and tasted great. And he’s right:
banana 001 smallBanana Bread has an interesting (not weird of course) taste. It reminds me of the smell of emulsion paint which sounds awful but it’s not. All of these breads are based on wholemeal wheat flour but the additional combination of buckwheat, ground peanuts, bananas, honey and vanilla softened by eggs and soured cream makes for an unusual flavour. I love it – honest.
figcoco 001 smallfigcrumb 002 smallFig and Coconut wouldn’t scare anyone. Crunchy/chewy desiccated coconut, sweet figs, spiced with cinnamon and coriander. Just had some for breakfast.
krautcrumb 00 smallSauerkraut Bread sounds weird (to a Brummy ex-Pape) but is a divine savoury bread. The sauerkraut blends in with fried onions and cheese, raisins provide sweet little explosions and the herbs are from Provence.
krautcrumb 003 smallI still have three of the collection of eight bread formulas to convert. Then I will have to start thinking of them as being different as opposed to weird and start baking them regularly until they become normal.
lastbake 005 small

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