Guardian Supermarket “Sourdough” Review

You might have seen in last week’s Guardian there was a review of that stuff that the supermarkets label as sourdough: click

So I banged off a letter on 31 March and much to my amazement it popped up today:

guardian letter smallThe online version is here and has a link to the 2007 article written by ….. one Adam Newey. Doesn’t he run the Hill Bakery down in Camberwell?



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7 Responses to Guardian Supermarket “Sourdough” Review

  1. moonbake1 says:

    Well done mate


  2. stig23 says:

    Very classy letter, I thought, modest yet witty, and quite brightened up breakfast chez Stig.

  3. Spotted it today, I’ll have to look at last week’s review of the supermarket stuff. Missed that somehow.

  4. The Hill Bakery says:

    Marvellous stuff! Of course I’m still awaiting my fee for the “sourdough genius” tag …

  5. Thanks for responses. Adam I would love to pay you a fee but couldn’t take the chance of compromising your journalistic integrity. Besides, it’s not so easy to make a quick withdrawal from these offshore accounts. It’s not like the Post Office you know.

  6. rowmarcus says:

    Quality! Good one, and good of the Grauniad to print your letter!

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