Arcachon 15 002

And the first bread out of the oven is …….. pizza!!

pizza 001 smallRan up some 80% hydration dough using T65 flour and wacked it in the fridge for a couple of days.

Another year, another oven – a second nasty little microwave/convection oven. So, trying to improve on last year’s efforts I did the bases in a dry frying pan before loading on the toppings and blasting them in the oven at what it claimed to be 230C. They were more like flatbreads with deep toppings – any self-respecting Neopolitan would laugh his socks off at the sight of them – but they were pretty successful in their own way.



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2 thoughts on “Arcachon 15 002

  1. Hi Mick
    Glad you are enjoying France. The pizza looks very good.
    I’ve also been in France and have just come back from walking in the French Alps. We bought some “pizza” slices from a place in Modane and the bases seemed to be made of brioche dough which gave it a very good texture. Might give that a try. Arriving in Nice, though, we had a very salty pizza which was badly burned on the bottom and not cooked enough on the top. The bread quality throughout the holiday was not good I’m afraid.

  2. Howdy Ben
    Walking? Have all your bikes been nicked?

    Hope you discovered Le Temple du Pain (Big Gareth saw the funny side of the name too) at the west end of the Flower Market in Nice – a seriously good bakery.

    Yes, I think the general standard of bread in France might be even worse than the UK. The good bits are very good but you could say that of anywhere.


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