Arcachon 15 001

Here we are back in our French hideaway for four weeks trying to regain a bit of sanity and R&R.

Arrived late Saturday afternoon in time to buy a bit of pasta to get through to Sunday which is … Market Day!! Well Arcachon has a market every day except Monday but M. Brion only has his bread stall there on Sunday. Was he shifting some bread.
brion 001 smallBought an olive fougasse, a little 100% rye and a large chunk of campagne.

Can’t say I’m entirely convinced by the fougasse – all his bread is supposed to be pain aux levain but this is so light and airy and there’s no gluten development at all. But the rye has a zingy flavour and the campagne has a less chewy texture than mine but it’s deliciously sour.

This year I have gone back to travelling with my starter. Refreshed it Friday, put in a freezer bag. Travelled in the hold luggage on Saturday. Went in the fridge when we arrived. Refreshed it this morning (Monday) and this is how it looks 5.00 p.m. this afternoon:
starter 001 smallWe now have active starter and a big pan of chicken stock.

Watch this space


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