Some of you will remember Nils Schoener and his curiously named  ye olde bread blog which sadly hasn’t been updated for about four years. He very generously used to post his bread recipes there and I used to steal them and to learn about rye from him. But, as a minor piece of compensation, I did go as far as buying his Kindle book “Brot – Bread notes from a floury German kitchen” and so should you.

grun001 smallThis is grunkern-karrotenbrot. Not the most photogenic of breads but one that supplies a big smack in the mouth courtesy of the grunkern which is wheat (or spelt) that has been harvested green and roasted.
grun002 smallGrunkern flour is not easy to get hold of unless you have friends travelling to and from Germany. But freekeh, which is available from middle eastern stores, is the same stuff and my trusty Kenwood mill attachment turns it into nice coarse meal.

Needless to say I ommitted the yeast from Nils’ formula.

So, (1) buy Nils’ ebook and, (2) buy Palestinian freekeh if you see it.

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