Q: Hey DrDoh. My problem is I love that Borodinski with the coriander seed on the bottom. My partner loves the bread but not the seed.
russian 004 small 2Is our relationship doomed to failure?

A: Hi Budgieboy. This was one of the toughest problems put to me and I lost a lot of sleep struggling with it. But after long nights in the test kitchen I cracked it:
halfseed 002 smallAnd there’s still hope for your partner. If at first she don’t suck seed …



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3 Responses to Q&A

  1. rowmarcus says:

    Its Sue I feel sorry for, with one-liners like that… 😉

  2. sue says:

    Thanks Marcus. Think Mick just put the bollocks back into baking!

  3. Is there a marriage counsellor in the house …

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