Been meaning to try this for ages.

Mixed two campagne doughs to produce 1K loaves. Held back the salt in one dough for  30 minutes. Apart from that both doughs had three short kneads after mixing and went in the fridge overnight.
ferm 001 smallFirst surprise. Next morning the autolysed dough had very noticeably risen more than the other.
prove 001 smallAfter 3.5 hours prove same story – the autolysed dough had risen more.
crust 001 smallcrust 006 smallDifference less noticeable after baking.
crumb 001 smallBut more apparent when cut.

Hmmm … not sure if I could be bothered hanging about – especially if I was doing half-a-dozen doughs.

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One thought on “Autolyse

  1. I always autolyse. I mix my dough take son to footy training then mix in salt and knead for a short while, when I get back. But as you say if you have lots of different batches to then it becomes more time consuming.

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