kndling smallWho but Jay would have so many boomerangs he can spare some for kindling?

However, let’s start with the cider as I always suggest when I’m at Jays.
caravan 001 smallWho but Jay would have a Romany caravan full of apples? One of the main aims of the weekend was to get his apples into liquid form and safely in the tank to ferment.
scrat 002 smallTo that end two local friends had been drafted in – a sort of community flying squad helping each other in this vital art.
scrat 001 smallFirst through the scratter, then to the press:
press 003 smallpress 004 smallpress 002 smalland into the tank:
tank 002 smallThat is a big-boy 580 litre tank:
tank 001 smalland I can say that I did my duty in helping to empty it.
jay 002 smallJay Butters: Role Model!



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One thought on “Scrattin’/Pressin’

  1. Following pressing 3/4 ton of apples comes the real test however… waiting for months while the stuff ferments into cider! There’s an exercise in patience if ever I heard one.
    Good that folk like Jay are still practicing this noble art however, keeping such traditions alive etc.

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